JJ Frazier wins quote of the day

IMG_3561 JJ Frazier has given Kentucky fits this year, scoring a combined 59 points in Georgia's two losses to the Cats this season. Even though Frazier's shot wasn't quote on point today (4-13 from the floor), he still managed to finish with 17 points and a surprising 10 rebounds in Georgia's win over Tennessee. In the locker room afterwards, Frazier held court, entertaining reporters with refreshingly candid answers. This exchange with Jerry Tipton was particularly amusing. "This is kind of silly," Jerry prefaced (OH BOY!). "But when the game is close, the ball finds you, you end up with the ball. How does that happen?" "Coach tells them to give me the ball," Frazier responded. "Literally?" "Pretty much," Frazier deadpanned. Frazier was also frank when asked about the challenges of playing a team like Kentucky. "Intimidation has never been a factor," Frazier said. "They have 10 pros. You've gotta run, you've gotta keep them out even though they can take tough shots and if they hit tough shots, it is what it is...It's fun, man. You wouldn't want anything else. For us, it's just give everything you've got, play, play hard, and at the end of the night, you live with the results." When asked why he shot so poorly from the floor today, especially around the rim, Frazier was his worst critic. "I was awful. I was awful," he said. What was the issue? "I don't know. I don't know. It was bad, wasn't it?" Finally, what impresses him the most about Kentucky? The answer should make you happy. "The way they play well with one another. They have really great chemistry and they love each other. When you play like that and have love for one another, anything can happen regardless of how old or how young you are, so I think that's the most impressive thing I've seen." https://youtu.be/K46Ve57p0_E  

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