Jodie Meeks is Back On Campus

Aaron Flenerover 8 years


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meeks2 Jodie Meeks is back on campus this summer to work on his degree. Though this hurts the narrative journalists would like you to believe about college athletes that leave school early, UK basketball's twitter account (@KentuckyMBB) tweeted the above picture of Jodie in the UK basketball offices today along with the following message:   I don't know what the hash tag "#54" means. Maybe it's an estimate of the percentage Meeks would've shot from three point range had he stayed for his final season. Or maybe it's just a shout out to Patrick Patterson. To me, Jodie's early departure is the biggest "what if" thus far in Calipari's tenure. If he would have stayed, I doubt we lose to West Virginia in the Elite Eight. And I bet we win the title. Even without Jodie we were the best team left in that tournament. If Coach Cal could've kept Jodie around Lexington I think the incoming kids would be tweeting about getting ten instead of nine. But, we can't go back and change it now.  I think I speak for the BBN when I say good on you Jodie. Way to set an example. I can't say I'd be doing the same if I was an NBA star making tons of money. Best of luck in class. Don't let J. Cole continue to distract you.   In closing, here is one of my favorite moments from the career of Jodie Meeks. It combines an incredible move from a game in which Jodie had 40+ points with a legendary quote from one of my favorite announcers, Bill Raftery.   @AFlenerKSR

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