John Robic: A true underdog story

Drew Franklinover 8 years


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John Robic grabbed life by the balls -- and he'll peg you with them.   Last night after Kentucky's win over Vanderbilt, a deep, dark secret was revealed to Big Blue Nation: John Robic is a dodgeball superstar. Coach Calipari spilled the beans to his team before they played their own friendly game of dodgeball Tuesday night.  Apparently, Robic has been playing professionally for over two decades, dating back to his days as a graduate assistant on Larry Brown's staff at Kansas.  He's somehow managed to balance the double-life by coaching basketball during the winter and touring parts of Europe and east Asia during the summer as "The Artful Dodger," captain of the Cleveland-based squad, "We're Aiming For The Fat One." It's an incredible story, really. Bangkok, August 2011   Believe it or not, Robic isn't the only member of Calipari's staff who has made a name for himself on the dodgeball scene; he recruited Kenny Payne to join the club in 2010.  Payne serves as the team's enforcer, often finding himself in the middle of Robic's battles with opposing fans. London, June 2012   Robic and Payne plan to start a new team for the 2013 circuit after seeing the potential in Tuesday night's exhibition in the Craft Center. He's asked that you leave any suggestions for the team name in the comments section...

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