Johnny Manziel to have his own Camera on Saturday

Gavin Reidenauerabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Gavin ReidenauerGavin Reidenauer
manziel For Saturday's showdown between Alabama and Texas A&M CBS elected to devote one entire camera to the comings and goings of Johnny Manziel. Yes, that's right, America's most controversial football player will be scrutinized from every aspect of  the game under the national microscope of CBS. Whether it's passing, hydrating, reading, talking, or pointing at something, you're going to see it. Most may see this as an unnecessary measure to cover the player people love to hate. I for one think this is a good thing- Johnny Football's confidence has been visibly shaken since winning the Heisman and constantly being the subject of media coverage. This is a necessary measure that needs to be taken to get him back on the track to greatness. CBS was unavailable for comment, but it''s reasonable to assume they took a cue from this 1975 hit single by the O'Jays:

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