Kash Daniel talks Fishing, Matt House, a Future in the WWE, and More from the Kentucky Sport Boat and Recreation Show

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Kash Daniel is one of the most popular athletes we've seen at Kentucky is a long time. Now, the legend of the Mountain's Mascot, Kash "Money" Daniel, has grown even further now that he has joined UK's bass fishing team. A two-sport athlete in fishing and football? Pure badassery. Today at the Kentucky Sport Boat and Recreation Show, Kash took some time out of his day to meet with some fans, participate in some mini-fishing games and spoke to us media folks. Here's everything Kash had to say today.

Kash is an experienced competitive fisherman

Kash will only get to spend one season with Kentucky bass fishing team, after clearing it with coach Stoops, but this isn't Kash's first competitive rodeo on the water. "I've been competitive fishing since I can remember with my dad in local tournaments in my area," Kash said. " I started fishing by myself in local tournaments when I was 14 or 15 Dad would drop me off, then come back and pick me up to see how I did. It's something I like doing I can still be competitive, but also it's kind of like my getaway." Kash also said his favorite place to fish in Kentucky, is Kentucky lake, for any of you looking for great fishing recommendations.

Kash had a Message to Kids from the Mountains

There's no question Kash has a massive following in Eastern Kentucky (shoutout 14th and 15th region). Kash joining the bass fishing team only adds to his legend and he thinks any kid from the mountains can follow their aspirations too. "I was a kid that had a lot of dreams and a lot of goals, and I'm fortunate enough to have worked my way to them," said Kash. " It's an unbelievable feeling. Hopefully, kids from back home can look at this and say, if I really work hard and keep my head straight and do the little things day in and day out, I can get there too. Out of everything that comes from this, whether it's football or bass fishing no matter what you do no matter where you come from, it's possible."  To any kid looking for an inspiration to follow their dreams, look no further than Kash Daniel.

A WWE future is not out of the Question

Kash Daniel is a wrestler through and through. His ability to cut promos, communicate with fans, and his character work is impeccable. Not to mention he has the look and voice, Kash would have a great future in the WWE. Since he's already a two-sport athlete, what could stop him from making it three? WWE superstars Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows seem to think he could pull it off.

Matt House Returning and Looking to Next Football Season

Of course, we had to ask Kash some football questions since we likely won't be hearing from him until spring ball sports in roughly two months. For starters, Kash was pumped to get his defensive coordinator Matt House back for his senior season. Kash said, "I was getting a little worried there for a second, but Coach House loves it here, and we love him here, so we're really excited to have him back with us." Kash also said he expects the linebacking core to pick up right where they left off. This year the Cats will bring Jared Casey, and JJ Weaver, along with the three-headed monster that's already in place with Kash, Boogie Watson, and Josh Paschal.
Kash Daniel, UK's first dual-sport national champion? Man, Myth, Legend. Want to hear everything Kash said? Check it out: Follow me on Twitter: @BrentW_KSR

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