KentuckyOne Health Anywhere Care's Afternoon Notes and Podcast

KentuckyOne Health Anywhere Care's Afternoon Notes and Podcast

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AnywhereCare_7200_300dpi_600x600_v2 KentuckyOne Health Anywhere Care at home, at the office and everywhere. Anywhere Care is a 24/7 service that lets you see or talk live to a primary care provider by phone or video chat… even from the comfort of your own couch. Click here to learn more or get care now. **** --- So much for a slow afternoon, right? We knew the players' decisions would leak out sporadically over the next few days, and Shams Charania of Real GM kicked things off with his report that the Harrison Twins will enter the NBA Draft and have already decided upon representation. CBS Sports' Gary Parrish later confirmed that the Twins will declare. This shouldn't come as a big surprise; John Calipari himself said he expects 6-7 players to go pro and it's only natural for the Twins to declare as a pair. Aaron Harrison Sr. told Kyle Tucker reports that his sons were leaning towards the draft were "not really" fair this morning, but apparently the family sat down and talked it over today and they have made their decision. --- More intriguing is what Devin Booker and Dakari Johnson will do. CBS Sports' Gary Parrish says he's hearing both are leaning toward leaving and that Dakari is "genuinely torn" by the decision. One might argue that Booker has more to gain by coming back after a slump at the end of the season, but projections have Booker going --- UK will hold a press conference tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. for players to announce their decisions. Only players who have already made their decisions will participate and we don't know how many that will be. If a player isn't at the table tomorrow, that means they're still deciding. We'll stream the press conference live on KSR. --- I understand that the knee-jerk reaction when we hear this stuff is negative because we don't want them to go, but I wish more fans would have this guy's attitude: As fans, it hurts to lose players we have gotten to know so well, especially after a season like this, but if you had the chance to make millions of dollars in a few months, would you turn it down? Also, several of these guys--Willie, the Twins, Dakari--turned down the NBA once to return to school. Expecting them to do it again after they given us a historical season is a lot to ask. --- All of this reminds me of an idea I had yesterday. There was no celebration when the Cats returned to Lexington on Monday, largely because it would have been pretty hollow. Last year's gathering at Rupp was more of an emotional release for us all than a celebration, so I definitely understand why UK didn't do that this year. So, why not hold a goodbye gathering for the players who are declaring to send them off to the Draft? It would give fans a chance to say goodbye and put a positive spin on the whole process. If they want to, they could even hang the Final Four banner. Hold it at Rupp, free admission, make the whole thing a celebration. I'll hang up and listen. --- UK senior softball catcher Griffin Joiner is one of 10 national finalists for the 2015 Senior CLASS Award, which honors total student-athletes who use their platform in athletics to make a positive impact in their communities. Joiner is a star on and off the field, so go help her win the award by clicking this link: You can vote once a day until May 11.  --- The french fry discussion took over this morning's show, and clearly, many of us are passionate about it. It all started with the rankings of different types of fries: waffle, tater tots, curly, steak, and shoestring. Here's my take:

1. Curly 2. Shoestring 3. Waffle 4. Steak 5. Tots

That turned into a debate over which fast food chain has the best fries. Here are my thoughts on that:

1. McDonald's--far and away the best, especially piping hot and salty. I especially like the ones that are burned a litlte bit. 2. Arby's--curly fries 3. Wendy's--I like the sea salt because it's salt and it sounds halfway healthy even though it's not.

Apparently Rally's fries are the bomb, so I'll have to go check them out. Share your favorites in the comments, and listen to the heated discussion on today's podcast: Hour 1: Hour 2:

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