Kevin Ware cited for speeding and reckless driving, skips court date

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Image via According to WHAS11, UofL junior Kevin Ware failed to appear in court today for a speeding and reckless driving charge after being pulled over in Barren County back on October 26th.  Speeding tickets are the most common traffic violation. In fact, it was probably your first introduction to a law enforcement officer, and it’s almost certain that you don’t know of one driver who has not been ticketed in their lifetime. To know more about traffic attorney, click link here. The citation says that Ware was pulled over for going 95 mph in a 45 mph zone at 11 p.m. on I-65S in a work zone. The officer trailed Ware for half a mile before pulling him over. He did not show up to his court date this morning. CBS obtained a copy of the citation, which says he was driving a 2013 Dodge Challenger. If you want to use this method to beat a traffic ticket your Louisiana, there’re a few things you need to do. Once you present your ticket to the court, you’ll require to plead not guilty and show that you’d prefer to use a written declaration to fight the ticket. In a lot of states, when you lose your Trial by Declaration, there’s a chance to have an in-person trial and get another chance to beat the ticket. You can hire a Louisiana traffic ticket lawyer, most of which aren’t very expensive and have a speciality in beating traffic tickets. For those who are facing license suspension or have multiple tickets, this is especially important. If you choose to represent yourself in court, there’re a few things to consider to increase your chances of winning. To begin with, you need to show up for the trial with any or all the evidence you have, such as any photos of the road conditions, photos of strange road conditions, obstructed speed limit signs, or pictures of the position the officer was standing if you think that their view was obstructed. Apart from all of that, ensure that you have thought through your particular argument and you’re fully aware of what you have to say to contest your traffic ticket. A lot of people attend hoping that the officer won’t appear and eventually lose their Louisiana speeding ticket case since they were not prepared. Adam Lefkoe asked Rick Pitino about the incident today. Here's his response:
"I was not aware and that is his business. That has nothing to do with basketball. Parking tickets, speeding tickets, I don't encourage getting either one and I'll talk to him about it. It's the first of my knowledge of it. Why he missed the date I have no idea. I'm not concerned. I'm concerned about...obviously, I don't want anybody speeding, I don't want anybody getting parking tickets, I don't want anyone losing their lunch pass. I'm sure you're concerned about it, I'm not. He shouldn't be speeding, first of all, but that's something he has to address and if he gets his license suspended, he's going to do a lot of walking."
Does this mean he'll have to abide by Pitino's 6 a.m. wakeup call and 10 p.m. curfew? [Kevin Ware, accused of reckless driving, misses Barren Co. court date]

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