KSR News of the Night: Barack Obama Loves John Wall Too

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
obama Well while some stories of the night havent been the most upbeat (football staff changes), this one makes me happy. I was told by a source and it has since been confirmed by UK that President Obama is a fan of John Wall. President Lee Todd was in Washington DC this week for an education event and was pulled aside by the President to talk about his favorite sport. Obama said to Lee Todd that he liked watching John Wall and commented about how good he thought he was. I am sure at some point UK will give the exact quotes of the encounter, but the overall theme was that the President has noticed John Wall and he is a fan. And some of you thought sending that jersey was a mistake? Proceed to argue incessantly about politics in the comments. I will instead be happy that the Leader of the Free World likes watching one of our players.

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