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halloween Halloween has become the best time of year for pictures, thanks largely due to the gift that keeps on giving, Facebook. The costumes that people wear (both funny and hot) are universally the best part of the day after Halloween (aka Facebook Christmas morning) and have become a ritual for old and young alike. This year, we at KSR want to be part of the fun. Because many of you are KSR fans and will be out on Friday and Saturday night at Halloween parties, we want you to send KSR YOUR BEST HALLOWEEN PICTURES for use on the site on Sunday and Monday. The pictures should be sent to [email protected] and the winners will recieve a prize. What prize you may ask? Well we will be giving away two sets of UK BASKETBALL TICKETS to an SEC HOME GAME to those who provide the best pictures. Because I know how the KSR fanbase is and since a vote could be part of the process. we will have two divisions....(1) Attractive and (2) Funny. Each winner will get two tickets to the game and we do ask that whoever is in the picture has given you permission to take it...that means no picking the best picture you see on Facebook...we can do that ourselves. I want a picture that you either took or are in (and if you win, you ought to take the people also in it out to dinner). UK-themed entries will be given bonus points, as will any showing of being a fan of KSR as part of the picture. Two rules: 1. No Babies and 2. No Free Enes! Pumpkins (I have already been emailed 200 of these) Good luck folks and good tickets to a big SEC game await those of you who send the best Halloween photo...and while you are figuring out what to send, look at the guy below and ask what he is doing...it is a good conversation starter. hallo3 hallo2

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