KSR's Kentucky vs. Georgia Predictions
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KSR's Kentucky vs. Georgia Predictions

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Chris Rodriguez

The big game is finally here. The big brains at Kentucky Sports Radio have put their heads together to forecast what will happens Saturday afternoon between the hedges. See into the future with KSR’s Kentucky vs. Georgia predictions.

Tyler Thompson

If the Florida game was the ultimate battle of the heart vs. the head, then this is the…super ultimate battle? Georgia is the No. 1 team in the country for a reason. Their defense is spectacular. While Kentucky’s offense showed great improvement vs. LSU, the Bulldogs are on a totally different level. Georgia only allows an average of 5.5 points and 201.2 yards per game. Getting to double digits will be an accomplishment. I think the Cats will be able to move the ball — and even score a touchdown — but it won’t be easy. Will Levis and Wan’Dale Robinson have to connect for at least one big play.

I’ve been going back and forth on this game all week. Can Kentucky pull off the upset? Anything can happen, and this team has proven it can play with the big boys. My heart is ready for the Cats to shock the world, but my head can’t get past the stats and injuries on the defensive line. It’s also still ringing with “GOOOOO GEORGIA BULLLLLDOGS” from the number of times I’ve gone to Athens hoping for a win to only watch Georgia run away in the second half. Kentucky keeps it competitive but comes up short. And there’s no shame in that.

Prediction: Georgia 28, Kentucky 14

Zack Geoghegan

At this point, I’m done pretending to follow my preseason predictions. I’m speaking from the heart now. Kentucky is going to find a way to pull off the win, I’m just not sure how it will go down quite yet. I feel confident in saying that it’s going to take at least two lucky plays or calls for that to happen. I am growing desperate for a trick play and Saturday feels like a perfect opportunity to silence a rowdy Georgia crowd.

Kentucky can’t get into a shootout, though. The Ryan Lemond Magic Number of 19 is ideally where UK would like to keep the score for both sides. It’s all about giving yourself a chance to win in the fourth quarter. If the Bulldogs drop 35-plus points, they could cover the 22-point spread with ease. Rely on the defense to perform up to its potential, with a few big plays from the offense, and Kentucky will be in a position to win.

Prediction: Kentucky 19, Georgia 17

Adam Luckett

No. 1 Georgia hosts No. 11 Kentucky on CBS in the feature college football game of Week 7. The game will be a monumental moment for Mark Stoops and his football program.

Unfortunately, Kentucky is just a few pieces away.

The Wildcats will have some success running the football, and Wan’Dale Robinson will make some plays against a thin Georgia secondary. Meanwhile, Kentucky’s defense will keep UGA’s run-heavy offense at bay most of the game, but the Wildcats just won’t have enough ammo in the end.

Kentucky needs 1-2 more perimeter playmakers to score points consistently against a defense as good as UGA’s. Kentucky hangs tough before the defense begins to get worn down in the fourth quarter. UGA is challenged but prevails at Sanford Stadium.

Prediction: Georgia 24, Kentucky 13

Nick Roush

Folks, today is the day. The day Georgia fans cry until they’re dehydrated. .

Today’s hero will be a hometown hero. Kentucky needs to be opportunistic. The person that will take advantage of that will crush the dreams of his home state faithful. After moving the sticks by rushing the football, Yusuf Corker’s pick six will put Kentucky over the top and shock the world. After the win I will be so obnoxious on Clayton Street, someone will punch me in the face. It will be a well-deserved black eye.

Prediction: Kentucky 24, Georgia 21

Jack Pilgrim

Mark Stoops compared the Georgia defense to the 1985 Chicago Bears earlier in the week, and understandably so. The Bulldogs are ranked No. 1 in the nation in scoring defense (5.50 PPG), total defense (201.2 YPG), passing yards allowed (137.0 YPG) and defensive passing efficiency. They’re also No. 1 in the SEC in rushing defense (64.2 YPG), team sacks (3.67 per game), first down defense, third down defense, red zone defense and defensive touchdowns.

It starts and ends with the defense. The offense is solid, but they’re not world-beaters, and Kentucky is ranked No. 3 in the SEC in total defense in its own right. This will be a battle of the UK offense vs. the UGA defense.

It won’t be a high-scoring affair, but the Wildcats will do just enough to put the ball in the end zone a few times — scoring 22 for Chris Oats and Jared Lorenzen — and force turnovers on the other side to pull off the major upset.

Prediction: Kentucky 22, Georgia 17

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