Lane Kiffin out at USC

Matt Wheatleyalmost 8 years


Aritcle written by:Matt WheatleyMatt Wheatley
kiffin USC fans can rejoice this morning as Lane Kiffin has finally been shown the door.  I don't generally root for people to fail.  Lane Kiffin is an exception to that rule for me. Very few people appear to be as unlikable as he is and he, along with A-Rod, are on my short list of people I don't mind watching tank. There is one SEC school that I believe should find this news particularly troubling.  I would think that James Franklin at Vanderbilt would be among the first coaches contacted by USC while they search for Kiffin's replacement. Franklin's entertaining coaching style would fit the fast-paced, flashy program that Southern California needs to have to remain relevant in a city full of distractions.  Say what you will about Kiffin's coaching (he sucked), but the guy could recruit and they are only a year removed from having a team many considered to be the favorite to win a championship.  USC could be an attractive situation to James Franklin with lower academic standards (though not by much), a team that is not in need of much rebuilding, and gig coaching in one of the most famous cities in the world. I think Franklin will be getting a call soon.

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