Late Friday night notes

Late Friday night notes

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


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john-wall-rookie-mvp As DanceBlue continues to go strong into the night and you get ready to rest your little head on your pillow, here's a few notes for you to file in the back of your mind for the REM stage later on.  I promise I did my best to wake up for this...  - In a game where everyone guarded like their name was Jon Hood, a pair of former Wildcats put up gaudy stat lines in helping the Rookie team beat the Sophomores.  DeMarcus Cousins finished with 33 points and 14 rebounds while John Wall earned MVP honors with 22 assists - a new record for the game.  The game was a meaningless exhibition, but registered at about an 11 on the fun scale of 1-10 thanks to a number of highlight dunks by Cousins and Blake Griffin set up by Wall.  Plus, you got to see Wall, Cousins and Bledsoe on the same team again and get all nostalgic.  - After posting his 33 and 14, it was all love for Cousins, right?  Umm, not quite.  Craig Sager had an awkward exchange with Wall after the game in which he said something about Cousins complaining about not getting the ball a lot, but Wall keeping him happy.  It led to a great still shot by the guys at Awful Announcing.  - The line is out and the Cats are favored by 16 points over South Carolina.  The fact that it doesn't even make you bat an eye tells you all you need to know about tomorrow's game.  Blowout city.  I can't think of a game that I've been less excited about this year.  There is literally nothing intriguing about this matchup in any way.  - If you missed it earlier, Alabama shooting guard Trevor Lacey will be on an unofficial visit to UK tomorrow for the game.  This probably means he is thinking about UK as a college option.  And that's a good thing considering the four-star player can put the ball in the hole as well as anyone in the country.  He's a John Jenkins-ish type of player and his addition could cement UK's 2011 class as the best of all-time.  - As usual, we'll be live blogging the game here starting at 3:30.  As an added bonus, Matt will be on the pre-game radio show with Oscar Combs beginning at 1:30 on the Big Blue Radio Network.  Make sure you tune in.  Please. John Wall, meet Blake Griffin.  Blake Griffin, meet John Wall.

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