Louisville Omni Evicts Woman Who Pelted Protesters With Ice

Nick Roushover 1 year


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[caption id="attachment_301785" align="alignnone" width="750"] keoniglory | IG[/caption] A Louisville woman was evicted from her high-rise apartment after she allegedly dumped buckets of ice on protesters from her balcony. Tuesday night a group of protesters were marching down Liberty St. near the Omni Hotel when a loud sound sent the crowd into a frenzy. "We're scrambling and running, you don't really know what to do," Keoni Glory told WHAS-11. "It did legitimately sound like gunshots and people were terrified, running. I mean the crowd instantly dispersed." Glory grabbed his camera and looked up. Nearly 20 stories above the street he spotted a woman holding a bucket of ice on the balcony of a luxury apartment. You can see the photo above. Courier-Journal staffers confirmed Glory's account of the story. Another witness described the initial downpour of ice as "baseball-sized" projectiles. The Louisville Omni has been closed for business during the coronavirus pandemic since March, but residents still occupy the 226 luxury apartments near the top of the 30-story building. Lincoln Property Company, the group that manages "The Residences at Omni Louisville," announced less than 24 hours later that the ice cube thrower had been evicted.

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