Man Mountain...The Legend Killer

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
prot I admit it...I am a sucker for Brett Favre. Even though objectively I have many reasons to dislike him...he played for the Bears two biggest division rivals/the media attention over him is almost too much to bare/the Sterger story is beyond strange...I cant help it. When Brett Favre is on the field, I find it compelling and I cant take my eyes off the way he plays. While it is easy to make fun of the announcers for calling him a "gunslinger" or going on and on about how much he "plays for the love of the game", the fact is that it is true. Favre always looks to be having fun and every game with him is an adventure. How can you not enjoy it? Thus it was with mixed emotions that I watched former Cat Myron "Man-Mountain" Pryor potentially end Favre's career today in New England. With a hit that some have called dirty (I think it was borderline, but probably clean, although unlucky for Favre), Pryor send the great one to the ground in pain and he ended up carted off the field, potentially for the last time. Before that hit, Favre was actually playing fairly well and had the Vikings on the verge of a potential upset. But along came Pryor, the type of player UK simply doesnt have on its football team this year, and now #4's career future is up in the air. With the hit, Pryor joins Taylor Wyndham as a UK Defensive Lineman who has knocked out a football legend with one fierce blow. The Tebow hit by Wyndham gave Taylor a great deal of notoriety and unfortunately for him, becomes topic #1A whenever he is mentioned. For Pryor it might even be a bigger career definer. Nationally he will be known as the man who laid the hit and the fine that will inevitably come could shine more light on him. And if for some reason Favre never plays again...well then Man-Mountain is the one that did it. Enjoy the publicity Myron...the spotlight is about to shine even brighter.

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