March Madness means Pizza and Vasectomies

March Madness means Pizza and Vasectomies

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[caption id="attachment_175493" align="aligncenter" width="587"]Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] There is a reason they call it March Madness, fans get a little extremely crazy watching their favorite basketball team duke it out week after week. If you happen to be a Kentucky fan, the situation is even more maddening. We are four games away from, 40 - 0. If you are like me, the NCAA Tournament is up there with Christmas; it's basically a college basketball fan's holiday season. Like other holiday seasons, March Madness brings in major dollars - $1.5 billion, in fact. The NCAA Basketball Tournament garners more TV revenue than any other postseason sports franchise. That includes the Super Bowl and the NBA finals. Todd Leopold of CNN, examines some weird facts and effects of March Madness in this interesting article.  One thing that increases exponentially, pizza orders. Makes sense, you have to eat and I know from experience finding a restaurant that wont throw you out for cussing at the television is like trying to find Rick Pitino's honesty button. Delivery is by far the better option. In addition to pizza, dessert orders also climb during March. Chocolate soothes the broken hearts of fans whose team was highly seeded. Pizza and dessert make sense, but another thing that becomes popular during the NCAA tournament - vasectomies. That's right, more men undergo this procedure during March Madness. Doctors report that the rate of vasectomies increases by 50% during the NCAA tournament. At least you have ample entertainment while recuperating. So if you are becoming fast friends with your local delivery drivers, crying into a cheesecake or exploring planned parenthood options. It's all just part of the Madness of March. At least Kentucky fans have a head start on the madness, Coach Cal says they're crazy all year round.

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