Michael Phelps, meet destiny

Michael Phelps, meet destiny

Bryan the Internover 13 years


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Amazing! Michael Phelps has seven of these. (Getty Images) You think maybe there is a higher power involved in Michael Phelps quest for 8 golds?  For the second time this week, Phelps won a race in the last stoke, this time by .01 seconds, which in swimming is the SMALLEST margin allowed.  But now here is the question, if Phelps LOSES his last race (400 meter medley relay), will his run at eight be considered a failure?  I mean, this guy just did something that only one man has done in 29 Olympics, and has done it against better competition and breaking world records in every race but one.  But, the story this entire time is the inevitable 8 golds Phelps will win, and if it doesn't happen, there may be backlash.  If its any consolation Michael, I think I watched the greatest week any athlete has ever.  So thank you, no matter how the final race turns out.   

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