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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
miss-nebraska Congratulations to Miss Nebraska for winning Miss America last night.  She's making headlines for becoming the youngest pageant winner in history at only 17-years old.  But, once they realize she's 227 in troll years, that superlative will be negated.   A few notes for your Sunday morning enjoyment, beginning with this fun one:  - In his Sunday notebook, the Good Doctor talks about the Arizona shooting and the canceled AU basketball game before interviewing Luke Dykes, author of the "25 Sketchiest Programs" piece from last week's notebook, about how he unbiased he is.  The Good Doctor then justifies his placing it in his notebook by saying: "Not everybody views Kentucky with reverence, and it's healthy to acknowledge that." Ok, have fun with that.  A few more notes....  - A very familiar name tells us that Cal wants more urgency out of his young team.  Love you, Evan.  - After playing the first half against the Hawks, Patrick Patterson was taken to the hospital with chest pains.  The former UK forward was released later and said he was "fine", though he added "that's the last time I read Tipton".  - Our fashion-forward friend, Chip Cosby, writes at the Herald-Leader that Joker Phillips was able to regain some momentum after a rough bowl game and the departure of Randall Cobb.  - Over at the Courier-Journal, The Bo takes a look at what questions face UK football as they enter a new life without Randall Cobb on the field.  - UK commitment Anthony Davis learned two important lessons:  Coach Cal likes hugs and giving free throw advice.  And they aren't mutually exclusive.  - If the Patriots are going to de-feet the Jets again, they'll do it without Myron Pryor, who is doubtful for the game with Man Mountain-itis.

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