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by:Matt Jones01/05/06
Thanks to the holidays, we have been a bit remiss here at Kentucky Sports Radio in providing you, the listener, with the ridiculous links you need to get through the sports world. We will have no more such problems. This has been a great few weeks for truly classless comments, culminating today in the remark by Pat Robertson that Ariel Sharon's stroke was likely the cause of God's vengeance against him for giving away the Gaza Strip. While it may not be as bad as what Rev. Pat said, it could also be argued that the decision by the Tampa Bay Bucs to play "Rock Me Like A Hurricane" during their game with the New Orleans Saints ranks pretty high. As many of you surely do, I find the announcing of legend Keith Jackson quite entertaining. Similar to John Madden, Marv Albert, Dick Vitale or John McEnroe, you know you are watching a big game when Jacko is the one doing the talking. However as the Turkey Hunter certainly noticed last night, Keith Jackson is losing it just a bit in his old age. It was obvious that Jackson made a number of mistakes through the night. Nevertheless, I still like the guy....he is sort of like Strom Thurmond without the racism. I have always thought that there are too many social scientists in this world with too little to do and too much research money on their plates. That was of course until I saw this story about a research report that claims that Soccer is the most exciting sport in the world based on research. I admit to enjoying soccer, especially the English Premeirship version, but it hasnt been since JR Moore broke Matt Willis's leg in AYSO Middlesboro 10-11 year old soccer that I ever found it "exciting". Apparently Lynn Swann has decided to run for Governor as a Republican. What, was Franco Harris not available? At some point you may have thought to yourself, "You know if I was ever in one of those Ultimate Fighting/K1 type fighting events, I would throw off my opponent by beginning the match with a kiss. This video may just change your mind about that plan. We will have more links soon. Enjoy Dancing with the Stars tonight!!!!

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