asks, "Did Coach K embarrass Calipari's biggest critics?" asks, "Did Coach K embarrass Calipari's biggest critics?"

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The days of criticizing John Calipari for his one-and-done "basketball factory" are over, thanks to Mike Krysjskeskisskwi and Duke's own mass exodus. You see, it was easy to pick on Calipari when he was the only one doing it, but with three freshmen from Duke's national championship team jumping to the NBA, the media's mindset has shifted. Shocker, right? Glenn Logan from SB Nation wrote about the media hypocrites and Coach K's adoption of Calipari's style today for MSN Sports. Logan reminds us that Bob Knight, Coach K's mentor, once called the one-and-done system "a disgrace" to college basketball. Now that K is doing it, what will Knight and the other haters have to say?
What will they say, indeed? Well, that question has now been largely answered, but the mendacity has merely changed its focus from scorn directed at Calipari to lauding Krzyzewski for "adapting" and "changing focus." This is hypocrisy in another form. Many of the writers lauding Krzyzewski are doing so at the expense of their own arguments, their own expressed opinion that when Calipari is winning this way, it is somehow evil. They don’t write that Krzezewski has embraced Calipari’s evil, but rather that his touch turns "evil" in to necessary, even good.
Logan also calls out Pat Forde's hypocrisy, so he gets a high-five from all of us here at KSR. Take a second to read his piece here.

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