My SEC Experience and Updates On UK's Targets

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I've been out of commission because I caught a little virus that could only be described as the Guns & Roses of the virus world, simply because it likes to stop by your town for 24 hrs, rock your freakin' world and then, as quickly as it came, it's gone. The good news is that I still found a way to weakly make it down to Nashville and still get myself back up to speed on what seems to be occurring (or not occurring) in the recruiting world. But first, my own little journal entry on the SEC experience so far: The amount of UK fans here is ridiculous. When we got in town we stopped by the "Big River" (?) to get some food and you could easily believe you were still in Lexington by the look of the bar area. Let's just say I saw a lot of awkward old people doing a wrist turning thing that sort of resembled the John Wall dance. Myself and milady both being law students, we decided to skimp on the hotel and go for the 30-40 dollar route. We got a queen sized bed room for myself, her and her friend, who will be sleeping on a blow up mattress (unless I can get them really drunk). The desk clerk looked at the three of us, read the screen and told us we had a queen sized bed, looked at the three of us again and I felt very cool. Word of advice: Don't skimp on hotels. There was an ipod in the shallow end of the hepatitis-filled pool but that didn't stop a couple girls from diving in to see if it still worked (I'm guessing no). Our head board has a screw on it that has a good fistful of human hair wrapped around it (No, I'm serious). Our sink has two speeds, drip and free fake pee stain. Our toilet has one flush speed, industrial strength soak your socks. But the good news is that they have installed a bottle opener in our bathroom (classy). Here's your recruiting update:

Josh Selby and Brandon Knight: UConn's Jim Calhoun signed a new contract extension today. The two parties made a preliminary agreement in December but that didn't lock either party into a long term commitment. This, presumably, does, although the details of the contract and how Calhoun could step away aren't known yet. Either way, it should go a long way in soothing the worries of UConn's recruits which include Selby and Knight. Neither has made any significant moves since last we talked. Knight seems to still be trying to make up his mind on whether home or away suits him better. Home would now mean Florida, since Miami was crossed off his list earlier in the week in favor of Syracuse. Selby has left the door open to trying to work out a visit to UK in the future but that visit would most likely have to occur sometime in April, after all the tournaments are over. It'll probably also be after Knight has made his decision and UK can better assess their needs. UK will probably take two guards out of the pool of Knight, Selby, Lamb, Ross and Joseph. If Knight decides to come to UK, it then becomes a question of who is willing to join Knight at UK.

Ross and Jones: The hot rumor today was the news on the pay site, which says that Ross and Jones have verballed to Washington. There isn't anyone that believes this one, including people that would certainly know if a verbal was given. Rest assured that UK is still in it. The first thing that surprised me about this rumor was that I don't expect Jones to make a decision until after his state playoffs are over. I would still expect that and expect UK to be in it until then.

Enes Kanter: Kanter has been quiet since his visit to UK. Teams are busy right now with their conference tournaments. Therefore, based on the Kanter source that I quoted earlier saying that UK, or any school for that matter, probably still has a little work to do to seal up a commitment, I wouldn't expect much movement to occur until after next week or even later.

OK, time to get as far away from this hotel as possible. See you guys in downtown Nashville...and don't forget, Drew will be signing autographs tonight at the Davidson County Jail sometime after midnight. Don't miss it.

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