Need To Know: Saturday at KSBar and Grille
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Need To Know: Saturday at KSBar and Grille

Drew Franklinabout 3 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Saturday is going to be a great day in Lexington. There is a football game with enormous implications and momentum at stake, plus a brand new sports bar about a mile away that is eager to house Kentucky fans before, during, and after the game. Many of you have hit us up with questions so you can plan your game day festivities, and I will now answer some of those questions because I am a nice person with your best interests in mind.   When will it open? KSBar and Grille will open at 11 a.m. Saturday morning. Will the Lextran shuttle be transporting fans to the game? As a matter of fact, it will. The shuttle will begin transporting passengers two hours before kickoff (in this case, 5 p.m.) and it will take a break 30 minutes after kickoff. However, one bus will continue to operate the Virginia and Downtown Shuttles on a loop during the game. The shuttle will begin again at the beginning of the fourth quarter and will run until one hour after the game. How much does the bus cost? The bus costs $1 per passenger each way and LexTran asks that everyone have exact change. Will there be any drink specials at the bar? Why yes, there will. Beginning at 2 p.m., pints of Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite and Yuengling will cost only $3 each. That special will run for three hours until 5 p.m. But if you're interested in trying Ryan Lemond's new "Elemondater" beer from Lemons Mill Brewery, those will be for sale all day for only $5 a pint. What time should I get there if I want a table for the game? That one is luck of the draw, my friend. Some people eat and leave, others stay through the whole game. I encourage you to show up early and we'll do the best we can from there. If you do get a table, though, remember to take care of your server if you're going to sit there for several hours. Your table is their office for the day and there will be plenty of people wanting it. Is Kentucky going to win? Of course. You kidding me? [mobile_ad]

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