Starting Cam Newton Rumors Is Fun For Everyone!

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What started as credible allegations against Cameron Newton at Auburn has turned into a rumor free-for-all to take the kid down.  It turns out the conversation with John Bond that named Kenny Rogers as the middleman was nothing but gossip in a four-man game of telephone.  Bond doesn't haven't facts.  He has rumors.  Plus, we all know Kenny Rogers is too smart to get caught up in a scandal because he knows when to hold 'em, knows when to fold 'em, knows when to walk away and when to run.  But the Rogers allegations aren't the only gossip tugging at Newton's Heisman trophy.  Now, we're hearing Newton cheated on tests, had outstanding parking tickets at Florida, demanded money for his L.O.I., and doesn't put the seat down when after pees. The rumors are getting ridiculous. And, here at KSR, we eat, sleep, and blog ridiculous so we're going to join in on the fun.  @fakegimel and @ukandrew already got it going on Twitter under the tag #StartingNewtonRumorsIsFun, so I brought some of the best from Twitter over here and added a few of my own. Feel free to start your own Cam Newton rumors in the comments section.  And if you think it's wrong to blatantly attack the young man and jeopardize his career with absolutely no facts to back your rumor, just remember - ESPN and the NY Times do it.  Have fun...

Fans on Louisville message boards say John Calipari paid Cam Newton $200,000 to go to Auburn.

ESPN now reporting that Cam Newton sent pictures of Brett Favre's penis to Jenn Sterger.

TMZ Reporting that Cam Newton used part of his $200k to help pay Eric Bledsoe's rent.

Nabisco reporting Fig Newton is a fruit.

Austin Rivers claims Cam Newton stole his iPhone and tweeted about Tom Crean.

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino allegedly paid Cam Newton $3000 for "health insurance."

Brett Dawson reporting that it was Cam Newton, not Alan Cutler, who farted on press row.

Cam Newton is the political announcement.

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