One hour until DeAndre Ayton makes surprise decision

One hour until DeAndre Ayton makes surprise decision

Drew Franklinabout 5 years


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ayton There was a time earlier this year when there was a zero percent chance DeAndre Ayton would end up at Kentucky. Both the Wildcats and Duke, among others, had completely stopped pursuing the nation's top-ranked player for fear he would never actually make it to college basketball. Only Kansas remained in contact, Ayton said back in April, while every other school had moved on to other targets. But then interest picked back up late in the summer at the Nike Peach Jam and Kentucky got back in the hunt, as did Arizona. And today, for whatever reason, Ayton has decided to announce his commitment to one of those schools, or to Kansas, the one that never gave up on him and has always been in constant contact. So what do we know with an hour left on the clock? We know Ayton's pending SportsCenter announcement came completely out of the blue and has everyone in the recruiting world desperate for some kind of scoop; while the fans, myself included, are scouring Twitter for the smallest hint as to what school he may choose. For now, nobody knows, which is a rarity in recruiting these days. Only Evan Daniels, who is as connected as anyone, has given the slightest bit of insight into the whole thing and he said it could be Kentucky, although he "truly doesn't know at this point." One thing we do know: Ayton will soon make his surprise decision public. Kansas has long been the favorite for its consistency in the recruitment, but Calipari revamped the communication with Ayton late in the summer and has the Cats back in the mix. The same goes for Sean Miller and Arizona. So who will it be? Will he pick Kansas, as many have predicted for so long? Or did Calipari work his Calipari magic and talk the five-star big man into pulling the trigger on UK? Or did Arizona convince the Phoenix resident to stick around home? I don't know, but I'll be glued to the computer, phone and TV until 6 pm. And you should, too.

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