Our Football team is Living in our Basketball Team's Shadow

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Since winning the national championship, Kentucky has been getting a lot of media exposure. The national media hone in on Kentucky because we are a loyal fan base and give ratings that other schools wouldn't. Everyone knows that Kentucky is a basketball school. It's the program that's been most successful and the one that Kentucky fans are most loyal to. Because the majority of Kentucky fans are more passionate about hoops, the media and other teams put our football team in our basketball team's shadow. Football has always taken a backseat to our basketball program. Coach Bear Bryant even left Kentucky because he knew the football team would never be as successful as it could be, because it would always be competing against the basketball team. Yes, as Kentucky fans we care a lot about basketball, but that doesn't mean that we don't care about our football team's performance or their success. Just take a look at message boards and tweets from yesterday's game and it is evident that Kentucky fans care how our football team is performing. The media make it nationally known that football takes a backseat to basketball in the Bluegrass. While this may be true, it alludes to the fan base not caring at all about our football team which isn't the case. By the national media making it seem like Kentucky's own fans don't care about our football program, it makes the Kentucky football team look like a joke to other fans and schools. Just look at the comments from newspapers and journalists over the past few weeks and yesterday's game: From My San Antonio News:
It's not really nice to say that basketball is Kentucky's best football tradition, even if that might be true.
From Dick Vitale during yesterdays game: These are just a few examples of many. While we are all counting down the hours to hoops season, that doesn't mean that we don't think our football team and their performance and success is insignificant. The only way for the football team to get out of the basketball team's shadow is by winning and becoming a top contender in SEC football, which isn't going to happen. Like it or not, Kentucky will always be a basketball school and football will always be in their shadow. It's not fair for the coaches, players, and supporters who invest a lot in the football program, but that's just the way it is.   ... From KSRCollege.com's Tara Bilby

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