Police caught one of those creepy clowns in Bell County

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonalmost 5 years


By now, you've heard about the creepy clown sightings across the South. People dressed as clowns have been spotted chasing children at bus stops, committing vandalism, or, for the most part, just lurking in the dark trying to lure children into wooded areas. Earlier this week, a clown was spotted in London, Kentucky, and early this morning, police caught a clown who was crouched down in a wooded area in Bell County. According to WYMT, police spotted the clown and when they pulled over, he ran towards a vehicle in the Cumberland Village Apartments. The foot chase didn't last long and the clown, Jonathan A. Martin, was arrested for violating a city ordinance by covering his face while in public, as well as disorderly conduct. I think Kash Daniel sums up my thoughts on this whole phenomenon very well: [WYMT]

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