Power Ranking the Sesame Street Songs Stuck in Every Parent's Head

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[caption id="attachment_336432" align="alignnone" width="1277"] Screenshot via SesameStreet.org[/caption] When entering parenthood, experienced moms and dads happily provide tips like, "Get your sleep while you can," and, "It's okay to let them cry a little." There's one piece of advice I wish someone had shared a year ago: You're going to become a Sesame Street fan, whether you like it or not. Throughout the last ten months my son has gone through various phases, but Elmo has been the one constant. Whenever there's a fuss we can't address, songs from the furry little red monster typically solve the problem, at a dire cost. I now live life with a Sesame Street song stuck in my head in perpetuity. It could be worse. I could have bad children's songs stuck in my head at all times. The greatest kids' TV show ever produced attracts top talent to volunteer their services for the show. Some of the songs used to soothe my soon are funny, like Celebrity Lullabies with Ricky Gervais, yet some fall short and are obnoxious in the worst way possible. The following ten songs are the ones stuck in every young parent's head at one point or another.

10. Thank You, Clouds -- Ellie Goulding

The Addicting Hook: Thaaaaaaaaaaank you clouds.  The song is one of the worst that currently plays on a loop in the Sesame Street app. Unfortunately, I was too tired to find the remote at 6:30 am Saturday morning, so Ellie Goulding's obnoxiously long emphasis on the word "thank" was stuck in my head for 24 hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytQuBwWBjtc

9. A Song About Elmo -- Adam Sandler  

The Addicting Hook: [Everybody joins in] This is a song about Elmo!  Adam Sandler's first chunk of fame at SNL was rooted in his ability to use his guitar to mix in absurd lyrics that seemingly had no connection to one other. This is performed masterfully on Sesame Street as he searches for words that rhyme with "Elmo." Even though it's a difficult task, the master rhymer keeps one entertained long enough to not be mad when you're humming "Farewell-mo!" hours later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py2f38iPBeI

8. Elmo's Ducks

The Addicting Hook: Elmo had four ducks... Luckily the ducks' quacks suck up enough oxygen that you can't ever recall any of the other words in the song. https://youtu.be/0LEYwoooVfw

7.  Usher's ABC Song

The Addicting Hook: The ABCs are moving you. There are countless ABC songs in the Sesame Street universe. My personal preference is probably the ABCs en Español with Gina Rodriguez, but this is my wife's favorite and this is the first post I've ever written that she's ever cared about whatsoever. She's not only a big fan, she will perform the entire dance routine to get a giggle from our son, creating a scene of cuteness that I will keep stored in my memory bank forever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWvBAQf7v8g

6. Come Together -- John Legend 

The Addicting Hook: Ohhhhh we come together... Few folks in this world are more talented than John Legend. Not only does he provide a wholesome message, he perfects the art of creating a cheerful, addictive melody with his piano. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIERyg5dYZw

5. Plan to Play -- Andy Grammar

The Addicting Hook: What are we gonna play today?  Anytime I get out the toy basket with my son, this inevitably creeps into my head. "What are we going to play today?" is a question I'll be asking my children for years and I can say with 100% confidence that this song will immediately pop into my head every. single. time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QVa9W0t2-I I actually did not know Andy Grammar was the artist behind this song until today. It all makes sense.

4. Elmo's Song

The Addicting Hook: La, la, la, la Elmo's song. The sound of the carnival organ is just delightful. Even though it does ring between my ears often, it's typically just the music. There aren't enough words to actually get stuck in there. These are the only two lines before Big Bird and Snuffy take over: He wrote the music. He wrote the words. That's Elmo's Song.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSYadh2xmcI

3. Oops Aha Maren Morris

The Addicting Hook: Oops! Whoops! Wait, Ah Ha! The simplicity of the chorus is maddening. Even if it doesn't get stuck in your head right away, just wait. It'll find a home inside your brain within at least 24 hours. I guess it could be worse. Maren Morris is awesome and proves that you aren't a weirdo if you can't hula hoop. Yes, I somehow forgot how to hula hoop over the last 20 years. Don't make fun of me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O08nNZt074

2. Apples and Bananas

The Addicting Hook: I like to eat, eat, eat Apples and Bananas... As much as I enjoy indulging in these tasty fruits, they are now exclusively referred to as either "Oapples and Banonos" or "Iapples and Baninis." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHxv-l80RjQ

1. Go For a Drive -- Taye Diggs 

The Addicting Hook: Let's go driving in an automobile. Let's takes a ride in a car.  Does Mom have to go to the grocery? Is Dad taking baby to Papaw's? You better believe that this song accompanies every thought of taking baby for a car ride. It's not a bad song at all. In fact, the skit with Taye Diggs is delightful, yet it perfectly encapsulates how the upbeat tunes can seemingly brainwash both kids and parents by pulling the song from a person's memory bank every time a similar scene plays out in real life. At lest they're wearing their seatbelts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0sTnzr7a7E Unfortunately, this list is fluid. I'm sure by the time 2022 rolls around there will be ten more Sesame Street songs that will drive me crazy. No matter how maddening they may get, it's worth it.

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