Previewing The Weekend To Be In The SEC

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Tennessee @ South Carolina

The Gamecocks have gone 4-11 in their last 5 games of the season the past three years, so Spurrier knows what it’s like to see the wheels fall off.  But the Gamecocks don’t looked poised to finish the season out on a whimper this year, and getting through Derek Dooley’s Nazi’s is just the first step of the journey.  If they win this weekend, and Georgia beats Florida, clinching the SEC East for fake-USC could happen as soon as next weekend.  The Vols have threatened to be a mediocre team at times this season, but I don’t expect them to give the Cocks much trouble.

Florida @ Georgia

At almost any other point in the history of the SEC, this would be a game of the week.  Or you know, at least a pretty interesting one.  But with both teams sitting at three losses in conference, only Florida has a chance at redemption by winning out (and having some other things go their way.)  However, Florida is still in their three game skid, even with a bye week, and with Georgia looking better every game… I expect the Dogs to continue the Gators downward spiral.  The only question for Florida remains, will Urban Meyer retire for real this off season?

Auburn @ Ole Miss

Like every football team not named the Steelers, Ole Miss has a weakness against players named Cam Newton.  The Rebel’s lone victory in the SEC is the game we should have won earlier this year, while Auburn has found it’s way to the top of the BCS rankings.  It shouldn’t be much of a matchup.  Still, Auburn has been a bit flighty on the road the past couple games, finding it difficult to play all four quarters.  I expect Auburn to win thoroughly, but don’t be surprised if Ole Miss keeps it interesting for a half.

Vanderbilt @ Arkansas

While writing this weekly feature, I have a newfound hatred for Vanderbilt.  Because there are only so many ways you can write about them playing in an uninteresting game that you know they are destined to lose.  Arkansas’s Ryan Mallet has faced injuries the past two weeks that have only let him play for part of the game.  Petrino hasn’t come out and said officially if he will be lighting up the Commodores this weekend, but his backup is fully capable of filling in against a vaunted Vanderbilt defense.  Arkansas wins.

Kentucky @ Mississippi State

Mississippi State is already bowl elligible after dropping a pesky UAB last weekend at home.  Now they get Kentucky, the enigma of the SEC.  Good news for Cats fans, Miss State’s defense is good – not great.  We should be able to score fairly reliably, especially if Lock can play.  Bad news for Cats fans, Miss State runs the ball a lot more and a lot better than they throw the ball.  This season we have been awful against the run.  The game is certainly winnable and will mean a lot more to Kentucky than it will to Miss State (for a change,) but it’s not going to be easy.  If the Cats bring it and execute, they win.

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