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patrick-patterson-san-francisco It's not an exceptionally busy day on the news front as we're right in the middle of another seven day non-basketball period. A couple of interesting blurbs from the world of Twitter... (1)  The Courier-Journal's Brett Dawson tweeted that Patrick Patterson said it's "possible" that he'll return next year for a senior season. Of course, Dawson added to not get your hopes up about it. Let's get serious, though. This is Kentucky and that's what we do. So, feel free to get your hopes up and go hit every rival message board on the internet to heckle them and boast of another year from Patrick Patterson. Then, should it not happen, change your screen name and make fun of the people who said that. This is Kentucky basketball. (2)  Also, the UK Athletics account sent word that last night's lottery gave out nearly as many numbers as all of last year combined (four lotteries). They issued about 8,200 numbers at Memorial Coliseum last night for the remaining games, which is an aboslutely incredible number. Keep in mind that some schools (Big East titan USF I know of for sure) allow students to attend games for free with seats at halfcourt and still cannot get rid of their allotment. This is Kentucky basketball. That's it for now but don't go anywhere. Sir Rumbaugh will be here shortly with his recruiting update!

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