Randolph Morris, now with more MSG!

Hunter Campbellover 10 years


mbb_030907_morris7.jpeg Like almost any name or game from the latter years of the Tubby Smith era, the mere mention of Randolph Morris' name is likely to bring a nerd-fight close behind it. Many people consider Morris one of the most frustrating players in recent memory, but these days he's having quite a bit of success for himself. After several years of bouncing around the NBA and never really finding a niche, Morris made his way over to the big red...country...and is doing nothing short of owning the Chinese basketball scene while he's there. Randolph is averaging a ridiculous 33 points through four games with his Beijing club, good for second in the league behind a guy who probably doesn't have a blog devoted to his college available to hype him up. Of course, that guy also knocked out another player in a game last season, so maybe Morris should just be content with second on the scoring list. He's also averaging 12 rebounds which, amazingly in a country full of people that are five feet tall, doesn't even crack the top ten in the league. Whatever your thoughts on Randolph Morris may be, and I'm sure you'll voice them in the comments despite me really not caring, it's good to see him having success on the court. Hopefully the confidence he can develop by dominating China will help him get back to the NBA for a more successful stint. We're all rooting for him, despite the fact that he'll never know it because the government controls the internet in China. Go former Cats. 去蘭多夫莫里斯 [Asia-Basket]

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