Rants, and maybe a rave or two


As recommended by my therapist, the following rant is more of a therapeutic venture than an academic one.

There just has to be something more to this Joe Crawford “injured” thing. Tubby has a history of protecting his players in the media, and his name wasn’t brought up once during the broadcat Saturday…. Speaking of the game, Rondo looked like a t-ball outfielder who just saw a butterfly fly by. He was mentally out of the game and seemed a step slow….
Introduction overheard this weekend”
“Sheray, this is basketball. Basketball, Sheray.” Apparently the two didn’t hit it off…
…Jared Carter is our best 7 footer, and even he would need a redshirt before he played in my church league…Kentucky has some significant cohesion problems, and the coaches have yet to conjure up a consistent rotation. But could someone tell me when a Tubby team last played their best basketball before February? With Crawford and even without Randolph, I still feel Kentucky has the ability to compete with any team in the country…

It’s not the actual half-court shot (as time that was for some reason put back on the clock expired) Duke’s Sean Dockery drained for a 77-75 win over Va. Tech that makes me maddest, it’s the principle. Basketball gods, this kind of stuff has got to stop. Do you realize how annoying it is to see those pocket- protecting, self-loving, zit cream applying, daddy’s credit card maxing, out of state migrants from Yanktown, New England Blue Devil fans rush the court? Is it fun to watch Coach K hug the despondant losing team after another one of his last second miracles? If you’re going to continue to bless Duke with tremendous luck basketball gods, can you at least get Coach K some laxatives so he’ll take that look off his face? And could someone tell Sheldon Williams that “The Goonies 2” begins production soon, and I’m sure they’ll need to fill the role of Sloth.

As the sarcasm drips…What a great weekend of Conference Championships in college football, those things are really starting to generate some excitement…I say just go ahead and dip Reggie Bush himself in bronze. Pete Carroll is actually accusing the media of talking Bush into going pro. Yeah, and that was Brent Musberger that ran for 230 yards in the first half Saturday.

Congrats to LexCath, Trinity, and NewCath on their respective State Championships this weekend. It’s good to see that solid 2002 recruting class end their careers with a ring.

With one of the SEC’s best recruiting classes priming to sign with Kentucky, there is almost more positive light shining on the Commonwealth Cats than Rupp’s squad. Listening to some of the new UK signees has me really believing a winning attitude is coming to the campus…

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