Robert Plant's afternoon news and views

Robert Plant's afternoon news and views

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While all UK fans have reason to celebrate former coach Rich Brooks' 75th birthday today, he happens to share the day with one of music's living legends, Robert Plant. As former lead singer of the band Led Zeppelin, we have Plant to thank for pushing rock and roll in a more contemplative, epic, and raucous (I know some of those adjectives are conflicting, but that's kind of the point) direction. In 2011, Rolling Stone even named Plant the greatest lead singer ever. Today he turns 68 years old, and, surprisingly, he's still evolving and churning out good music, only as a solo/duo artist. In 2008, he teamed up with country singer Allison Krauss to make a duo album "Raising Sand" that won a Grammy for album of the year. Oh, and Led Zeppelin IV might just be my favorite album of all time, and FWIW "Going to California" might have changed my life. Celebrate with this list of best songs from Plant's tenure with Led Zeppelin, and this lovely article from NPR. LZ guitarist Jimmy Page has hinted at getting the band back together, but Plant remains adamant about staying solo. Only time will tell... Without further ado, here's some updates on recent UK/sports news:

Mixed reviews from football's scrimmage today

Coach Stoops voiced some concern over the linebacking corps and the defensive front, but WR Kayaune Ross flashed some skill, connecting with 2nd-string QB Stephen Johnson II on a 60-yard TD. Derrick Baity also managed to impress by making a play on the ball to intercept a Drew Barker pass. Read more of KSR's report here .

US Women's basketball took home gold

To the surprise of maybe 5 Spanish basketball fans, the U.S. Women's team cruised to its sixth straight Olympic championship. And Brittney Griner did this... Pobre España [embed][/embed]

ICYMI: U of L Athletics is being audited for 2014

Here's a sample of Joe Sonka's report on
"The IRS is conducting an audit of the University of Louisville’s federal employment tax returns for 2014, requesting payroll, contractor and vendor information. In addition, the federal agency is seeking the employment contracts of former President James Ramsey, former Provost Shirley Willihnganz, and the head coaches of its basketball teams and football team. Through an open records request, Insider Louisville obtained a copy of correspondence the IRS sent to the university on July 7. In that letter, James Driver – a federal, state and local government specialist with the IRS – informed UofL’s tax manager Jonathan Rexroat that the IRS was conducting the audit of the university’s 2014 tax returns, requesting to schedule an appointment to discuss the audit process and the records requested."
Live footage of UL fans/administration: SURPRISE

The KY State Fair is in full swing

If you're in the Louisville area, check out all you can do at the convention center for day 3 of the fair here Admission is $10!

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