Saturday Down South Puts UK Football in Detention

Brett Bibbinsabout 5 years


Aritcle written by:Brett BibbinsBrett Bibbins
report-card-worry The staff over at Saturday Down South put together a Week 1 SEC Report Card and our Kentucky Wildcats put up a UNC Athletics type grade. It is no surprise to anyone that the Cats deserve any sort of low grade they receive. But with all of the raving we heard this offseason about how this was the year that everything came together, it is surely disheartening. SDS gave the Cats an overall score of a D-, tied with Mississippi State for the worst grade in the SEC, having this to say about the overall game:
Who takes a 35-10 lead in the final minute of the first half only to lose 44-35? That’s right, Kentucky. Hard to find a way to cobble together six wins this season, or for Mark Stoops to keep control of the program.
The overall grade wasn't the end of the poor results for the Cats, as they managed to make the Hall Pass and Detention list for both defense and coaching. And if you were wondering, they didn't get a hall pass for either one. For our defense, the front line was expected to struggle, but not to get carved up by the offensive coordinator we just pushed out the door.
Southern Miss ran through the Wildcats front like a knife through butter in turning a 35-10 deficit into a win.
At some point, the coaching staff has to be held accountable for the second half collapses that have become second nature to this program in the last few years. Saturday Down South points to what is happening in the locker room at half time. Or should I say, the lack of what is happening at half time?
UK looked like any halftime adjustments that they made were chiropractic rather than offensive or defensive.
Only Vanderbilt received more detentions than UK, with 3, but even the Commodores scored better than the Cats in the overall grading with a D. Take a look at all of the SEC grades, by reading the entire article here.

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