Saturday morning links

Saturday morning links

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Good morning, KSR readers. Welcome to the first weekend of the off-season. Don't cry. We'll be here all day, pouncing on every bit of news that trickles out. That said, here are some links to start your day. -- Here's the AP writeup about Calipari and Anthony Davis attending the John R. Wooden Award ceremony last night. Cal said Davis would be the number one pick if he goes, but he hopes he stays, even promising AD he could play point guard. Now THAT I'd love to see. -- Assuming he goes, ESPN's basketball blog asks the really pointless question of: Where would Anthony Davis like to play? -- Scoop Jackson has an excellent profile of Davis for, in which he discusses his sharp rise to the top and compares his journey to John Wall's. -- Here's the latest on Bobby Petrino's big ole mess down in Arkansas, in which he admits to his "inappropriate" relationship with Jessica Dorrell and apologizes to his family. -- If you're into it, here's a list of tee times for today's round at the Masters. -- Speaking of the Masters, here's a blooper reel of all of Tiger's cussing and club kickin' yesterday, put together with loving care by our friends at SB Nation. Be back soon...

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She said yes.

Big Blue Nation's growing admiration for Oscar Tshiebwe wasn't the only love in the building Friday night. Moments before the Blue-White scrimmage tipped off, there was a proposal at mid-court when Sydney, the national anthem singer, was surprised...