Saturday Morning Roundup

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Winter WeatherNow this is a snowstorm. AP Good morning!  Well, unless you live in DC, in which case you're covered in 2 feet of snow.  But if you are in DC and have contacts/are hiring, let me know.  Yours truly will be getting you ready for the 4pm showdown with the Tigers of Lousiana State University, and I've got a nice batch of links for you to start your day.  Like I really need to remind you, but check back during the course of the day- we're gonna have fun. -The Professor, John Clay, calculates that Boogie is the most efficient UK player.  Krebs is not. -UK ticket office says there are lots of fake tickets floating around out there.  Buyer beware. -Evidently, there is another Super Bowl in Louisiana this weekend. -Tasmin Mitchell says UK is 'beatable' according to Larry Vaught. -Boogie tells Larry Vaught that we're 'Starting to see a new me'. -I only include this because this is all the Baton Rouge paper had to say about the UK game today.  That whole state is understandably swept up with Super Bowl fever, but this article was even below a story on LSU gymnastics.  Finally, outside the world of UK Athletics... -A Pakistani ambassador can't find a home because his name is NSFW in Arabic.  And hey, you get to learn a bad word in Arabic!  Impress your friends! Derrick Rose.  Dunk. Of. The. Year. ">

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