Scoop Jackson loves Kentucky (and high school basketball)

Thomas Beisneralmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Mop.'s Scoop Jackson continues to be the anti-Goodman with his second flattering Kentucky piece in a week. Again, he's talking about the Bill Keightley Marshall County Hoopfest but, this time around, he's giving props to you, Kentucky fans, for your passion and running through a number of high school basketball notes. While he doesn't mention anything about DeAndre Liggins or Michael Porter, there is mention of the classiest wedding planner of all-time, Kevin Pittsnogle, and this nice little bit about our man Jon Hood:

I discovered to pay attention when you hear the name Jon Hood. And when you see the 6-foot-6, Madisonville-North Hopkins (Ky.), on-his-way to U of K recruit play, try not to fall in love. And when he scores 30 points in a losing effort, well, you don't hold it against him.

Congrats, Scoop. You're now an honorary Kentuckian. You can pick up your Maker's Mark and your blue McDonald's Santa Hat at your earliest convenience.  However, you must understand that falling in love with Jon Hood is not optional.

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