SEC East: Power Conference?

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What has become a surprise of the season so far has been the strength of the SEC East.  From questions as to whether it would be the best standalone conference to naming it both the Legends and Leaders.  Andy Katz realeased an article earlier today, trumpeting the toughness of this years SEC East.  Specifically that even the worst teams on paper (South Carolina and Georgia,) have a good chance to be, well, pretty good this year.

So let’s take a look at the teams performances so far:


— #16 Kentucky (7-2)

Worst Losses: @UNC

Best Wins: Washington* and Notre Dame*

— #7 Tennessee (7-1)

Worst Losses: Oakland

Best Wins:  ‘Nova*and Pitt*

— South Carolina (7-1)

Worst Losses: @Michigan State

Best Wins: Clemson and @WKU

— #24 Florida (7-2)

Worst Losses: @UCF

Best Wins: @FSU

— Georgia (6-2)

Worst Losses: Notre Dame

Best Wins: @Georgia Tech

— Vanderbilt

Worst Losses: WVU

Best Wins:  UNC, Belmont


Right now, I would take the SEC East in a top to bottom match up with the top 6 teams from any league.  With the possible exception of the Big East, (but that’s not fair because they have half of college basketball in their conference.)  And, with most teams playing at least one more BCS in OOC – not to mention the terribleness of the SEC West – the SEC East could find all six of its teams in the NCAA tournament, a first for the conference.

What do you think?  SEC East:  Greatest or Greatest Ever?

(Also, if you want to hear Jason King opine about how bad Louisville is, check out his most recent work here.  As a side note, do you still say opine if it’s a fact?)

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