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I know I need not tell you, but football season is back.  And with it comes an increased interest in not only the actions of our own teams, but the results of those in our conference. Because as we have seen the past four years, the modern day SEC remains one of the most dominant conferences in the history of the sport (outside obvious weaknesses to a state called Jacksonville.)  During the out of conference schedule, following our SEC brethren can give us an idea about what we will face later in the season, but also paints a picture to the conferences relative strength this season.  During conference play, of course, knowing the results of the other games helps us keep track of the standings.

So each Monday night at eight, we will try and have a recap of the previous weekends SEC action. Bear with us today, as I just came up with this idea about twenty minutes ago.


SEC East:

Florida (1-0) – Despite throwing up 21 points in the second quarter, Florida’s 34-12 victory over the Miami Charlie Coles was anything but dominant.  At least not Florida dominant.  With a new quarterback under center, the Gators showed promise, but perhaps we can move the Florida game from ‘Death Knell’ level to ‘Probable Impending Doom.”

South Carolina (1-0) – Had one of the better opening games for an SEC team when they throttled Southern Miss 41-13. The same Southern Miss that finished 7-6 last season.  Still, while it was as thorough a performance as we have seen Spurrier put on the field as of late, the Gamecocks tend to play great ball early in the season before slipping towards mediocrity around conference play.

Georgia – Despite not having their best receiver (or Randall Cobb,) the bulldogs walloped LA-Lafayette to the tune of 55 – 7.  There’s not really much you can say about this game, as it played out exactly like we would have predicted.  The big time SEC program crushes an early cupcake.

Tennessee – Speaking of cupcakes, Tennessee devoured Tennessee-Martin by a score of 50-0. This was new head coach Derek Dooley’s debut, and the Volunteers first shut out in seven years.  Again, it’s difficult to tell much about a team when they so severely outclass their opponent, but we will know more next week as the orange face up against the Oregon Ducks, who won their game 72-0, and are now apparently coached by Bill Belichick.

Kentucky – I would hope you know the result of this game by now.  Kentucky looked a step above where they were offensively last year, and a step behind where they were defensively, but overall the game was enough to get you excited for the season as they beat arch-nemisis Louisville 23-16.

Vanderbilt – Rounded out the SEC Easts opening weekend with a loss.  Michael Wilbon finally celebrated a victory against the SEC for firing Tubby when his alma mater Northwestern defeated Vanderbilt 23-21.  Leave it to Vanderbilt to ruin a perfectly good weekend.


SEC West:

Alabama (1-0) – The defending champs started their repeat run by knocking out San Jose State early, taking a 31-3 lead into the half, ultimately winning 48-3.  The Tide had no problem playing without injured Heisman Mark Ingram, and then there was this.  The Tide started off the right way as they get ready to play Penn State next week.

LSU (1-0) – What was supposed to be one of the better opening games lost some luster when UNC lost a majority of its play makers.  Still, the game was far more interesting than the first half would lead you to believe, as the tar heels fought back in the fourth to give Les Miles a scare.  The Tigers escaped with a victory but not their pride.

Mississippi State (1-0) – Mississippi State destroyed the Memphis Tigers 49-7 behind their backup quarterback Tyler Russell.  Mississippi State tends to be the bane of a successful Kentucky season’s existence, so it pains me to see them start off the season with a dominating win.  Of course, let’s not forget, this isn’t the Memphis team of old.  Around those parts, they are still blaming John Calipari for this season’s failures, too.

Arkansas (1-0) – If Louisville fans are still pining the days of old, perhaps they should start rooting for Arkansas.  Bobby Petrino seems to have the razorbacks in a good position this year, starting the season ranked in the top 25, and demolishing a cupcake 44-3 with a high octane offense.  One might even say, he’s on a collision course with an SEC championship.  You know, or Alabama.

Auburn (1-0) – Blah blah blah, another SEC team eats a cupcake.  Auburn wins 52-26.

Ole Miss (0-1) –  It seems as though big time programs play russian roulette at the start of every season, and whomever loses has to take a dive against a no name team.  This year Ole Miss rolled the chamber one too many times, and started the season off with a loss against Jacksonville State in overtime. At one point, I considered the @Ole Miss game a pretty likely loss.

In other news, I am an idiot.

Go Cats.

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