Could the low down dirty snitches steal our bowl spot?

Could the low down dirty snitches steal our bowl spot?

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scarface_snitches_black_shirt2 released their latest bowl projections this morning and my, aren't they interesting. Even though they have Georgia listed twice for some reason, CBSSports predicts that Tennessee will beat the Cats and steal the final SEC bowl position. Those low down dirty snitches! Now, to avoid that, the Cats must beat Tennessee. A win would eliminate the Vols from contention and secure a bowl game for the Cats even if there is only one SEC team in the BCS bowls. If we lose, then we better pray that LSU knocks off Arkansas, which would likely secure a BCS spot for the Tigers. The Cats actually got some help last night from Arkansas, who needed a few overtimes to knock off Mississippi State. Check out this blurb from Tom Leach:
There's nothing Kentucky might do in the postseason that would please Big Blue fans more than if the Wildcats can beat Tennessee this coming weekend. But if the Wildcats do that, a trip to the Gator Bowl sure would be a nice reward--and Arkansas helped Kentucky's chances with its double-overtime win. Miss State has now lost two in a row with a game left against arch rival Ole Miss. If UK beats the Vols, Kentucky might well be a more attractive choice than a Miss State team that has lost two (or three) of its last three games. Look, the main thing is beating the Vols but to get that better bowl these Wildcats have coveted, they had to get ahead of another team in the SEC's bowl pecking order. And thanks to Arkansas, there's now at least some hope of that happening.
Next Saturday just got a little more stressful. Notes from the Maui Invitational Press Conference on the way... UPDATE--Looks like CBS Sports fixed their bowl projections. Instead of having Georgia listed in two bowls, they now have Kentucky playing South Florida in Birmingham and Georgia playing as an at-large bid in the Little Caesars Bowl against Northern Illinois. Still, moral of the story: BEAT TENNESSEE.

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