Selling your soul to the devil

Matt Jones12/04/05


Article written by:Matt Jones
If you just saw the end of the Duke game, you will be like me and think that Duke must have some sort of pact with Lucifer. Virginia Tech, a team that is by no means powerful but has shown an ability to be officially not scared by the Duke mystique, comes back from 11 down with four minutes to go, takes a one point lead and then loses on a 30 foot heave at the buzzer. Proving once again that nothing new happens in this world and that history only repeats itself, Va Tech puts no one on the ball guarding the inbound pass, allowing a free look, which leads to an improbable win. Now I am not going to turn this into an anti-Duke rant. Patrick Hruby has set the gold standard on such a rant and I wont try to top it at this point (but check back later). But it is unbelievable how the mix of a great coach, great college players, stupendous student section and scared referees are not enough for Duke. They still have to have an amount of luck/good fortunate that is nauseating. I am beyond hating Duke at this point to just being bewildered by them. They truly are nature's way of articulating chaos theory to the common man. Logic doesnt describe Duke, but anyone who subscribes to logic must make it their mission to destroy them.

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