Seven Reasons Why E.J. Price is an Excellent Pick-Up for Kentucky Football

Seven Reasons Why E.J. Price is an Excellent Pick-Up for Kentucky Football

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With all due respect, Price is one scary son of an expletive.  I don't care how many ways you cut it, few human beings ace "The Look Test" as well as Price.  He's not a doughy offensive tackle, nor is he ripped.  Price is in-between, or what Goldilocks would refer to as "just right."  Price has potential and a mean reputation that makes him perfect for John Schlarman's system.

Yes, He's that Terrifying

Three games into his true freshman season at USC, Price decided it wasn't the right place for him.  While USC head coach Clay Helton explained the situation amidst salacious rumors, one line reinforces the first point very well.

“I’m not a big social media guy, but I got told today about E.J. Price hitting me, which is funny. I wouldn’t be here; I’d be dead, one,” Helton said. “May make my face look better, but when it comes to E.J. – I know a lot of times when a guy doesn’t show up on the field there’s questions.

“I talked to E.J. a couple days ago. E.J. has some personal family issues that are going on – a lot of homesickness and missing family really bad. With us sitting down and visiting, really felt, mutually, that it was important for him to go find a school that is closer to home, where he can deal with his family.”

An Elite Athlete

In case you don't get it yet, here's more evidence: Price grew up playing quarterback.  Do not be surprised if he also played safety, punted, returned kicks and filled up the water jug.


He'll only have three games under his belt by the time he's eligible to play in the fall of 2018, but Price will be a 21-year old sophomore.  The most growth in strength and conditioning programs occur during those first two years.  If he doesn't already look the part now, he definitely will then.

A Top 100 All-American

As a high school senior, Price achieved just about every accolade you can as one of the nation's best college football prospects.  A Top Ten offensive tackle and Top 100 player overall by every recruit service (except Rivals, for whatever reason), Price played in the Under Armour All-American Game and Nike's invite-only camp, The Opening.

Home Town Connections

Hailing from Lawrenceville, Georgia, Price's high school career began at Central Gwinnett High School, the same school as 2018 UK quarterback commit Jarren Williams.  Williams' father knows his son is in good hands, Tweeting after the announcement: "Huge Pickup! My favorite OT out of GA. Physical and nasty. Make a QB dad happy ☺"

UK Needs Tackles

Last year's success in the trenches wasn't lightning in a bottle.  Built around an experienced senior at center, Schlarman rotated veterans and newcomers to create a balanced platooning system.  In order to sustain success, he needs more tackles.  This year there are three senior starters on the offensive line; two are offensive tackles, Cole Mosier and Kyle Meadows. There's no assurance who will play where on Schlarman's fluid offensive line by 2018, but it could be two of the Top 10 tackles from the 2016 class: No. 10 Price and No. 7 Landon Young.


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