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Let’s be honest, we all hate Simon Cowell to some degree. If you knew a guy like Simon Cowell in your every day life, you wouldn’t be friends, right? He’s the ultimate downer, consistently rude with a touch of royal snoodiness, and always wearing the same deep black v-neck shirt. His creation of American Idol was an instant hit. But that hit eventually got old and spawned into 50 other spinoffs of the exact same concept, including his new creation “The X Factor”. But there’s something about watching him crush people’s dreams with brutal honesty that we couldn’t help but watch, and that is why millions of people like him still. On Sunday, Simon Cowell celebrates his 53rd birthday, which begs only one question: When will Comedy Central have a “Roast of Simon Cowell”? I need to know when to set my DVR.

  The ‘Cats dropped their 4th straight game, falling 27-14 to No. 20 Mississippi State this afternoon. I’m sure you’ve already heard the collective groan echoing around the Commonwealth this evening, as the injury bug bit the Wildcats quite a bit today.  Martavious Neloms exited the game with a hamstring injury, and Ashely Lowery was out with a “head, again” injury as quoted by Joker Phillips. Patrick Towles entered the game on the third possession to a large amount of cheers and proceeded to lead the ‘Cats on an 80 yard TD drive, throwing 5-5 for 71 yards, with a 32-yard TD to La’Rod King to bring the score within 7. Then, Towles looked to sprain his ankle during a sack late in the 2nd quarter, watching the rest of the game from the sidelines on crutches.

The ‘Cats are now going to have to completely alter every game plan they had probably even considered at the beginning of the year, relying on Sanders, George, and Mobley to run the ball a bit more then they intended. Needless to say, when this quartet of QB’s battled during training camp for position on the depth chart, raise your hand if you had Morgan Newton backing up Jalen Whitlow by Week 7? Anybody…?


 Patrick Towles on his injury, and possibility of redshirting:

“Yes, Coach (Joker) Phillips gave me the opportunity to play and I want to play. If that wasn’t apparent when I came out here and burned my redshirt now, I want to play. This medical redshirt stuff is great if I can’t get back on the field, but I want to get back on the field.”

                     Joker Phillips on what his plan for the 2 QB’s was today:

It’s hard to say, I wish I could sit here and tell you — you could be criticizing me for the rotation that means both of them was healthy, meaning that one didn’t get more — I wished that was the question today everybody was asking because I would have both of them healthy but we didn’t so we will never know.

  I will say one thing about this team, it’s that the injury bug has bitten them in some of the most crucial positions on the field, which definitely hasn’t helped anything. Hopefully no matter the result the rest of the season, all of the players need to stay healthy. It’s brutal watching one key player after another go down. Jalen Whitlow and Morgan Newton are the only 2 QB’s left for the moment.

 For you baseball fans, this Cincinnati Reds-San Francisco Giants game is the main cause for the lateness of this post. As of right now the Redlegs are leading the Giants 3-1 heading into the Top of the 8th. Reds starter Johnny Cueto went down after only 8 pitches in the 1st inning with back spasms but Reds’ manager Dusty Baker says the team is still planning on starting him in Game 3 as of right now. As a loyal Cubs fan I couldn’t help but finally sit down and watch what good baseball teams look like.


Have a good night/morning #BBN.



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