SLAM Online profiles the Harrison Twins

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


One of these things is almost exactly like the other one... They're the most famous twins in the Bluegrass since Cybil and Tricia Barnstable shilled for Doublemint back in the 70's. Along with Andrew Wiggins, they could be the future of Kentucky basketball. Yet, aside from their on-court prowess, what do we really know about the Harrison Twins? SLAM Online wondered the same thing and interviewed the pair, whom they predict will be "the best college backcourt in the nation in 2013-14." Having trouble telling them apart? Me too. Aaron, older by a minute, is the shooting guard, and Andrew, five pounds heavier, the point guard. Andrew is considered to be slightly more talented than his brother, but the two have made it clear they are a package deal. When asked about each other's game, Aaron said that Andrew “plays like a Deron Williams or Chris Paul–sets up the team, runs the team, tells everybody where to go” and Andrew said Aaron plays like "Dwayne Wade, or maybe even Kobe." The brothers are considering Baylor, Kentucky, Maryland, Villanova and SMU, and plan to announce their decision in September. Need another reason to root for them to pick the Cats? “We don’t really think of it as going against each other,” he says. “We think of it as us against everyone else.” I'm fine with that.

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