So What Does the Future Hold for Billy Clyde?

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
clyed This past Saturday at the Vanderbilt game, I was asking people if they thought Billy Clyde would get back into coaching next year. Two prominent national sportswriters gave me two very different answers. One said almost certainly and that Houston or Texas Tech would likely be his final destination. The other said he thought it would be very difficult and he needed to be an Assistant before a program where he would want to coach would take him in. The diverse opinions seemed to reflect a general large split on Clyde that we have seen by nearly everyone who has opined on the subject. We all know Billy Clyde's past but when it comes to his future, it is murky at best. Now today, the suddenly on fire Sports By Brooks has this post on the future of Clyde that seems to take one of these two sides more seriously. The author says that a "source" tells him that Clyde likely will land on his feat, with Houston, Texas Tech and UTEP the most likely possibilities. The source goes on to say that Clyde has cleaned his act up a bit and only drinks "a little", and doesnt hit the party scene in Anderson County as he once did. The article then says that Gillispie is already scouting players to bring with him to whatever job he takes (Hello Michael Avery!) and that he will be back on the sidelines doing his thing next year. While I love the Sports for Brooks site, I take this report with a grain of salt. I have spoken with many around Gillispie in recent months and they all like to promote the idea that he will be back sooner rather than later. And that is understandable. Those that have Clyde's best interests at heart want to see him back in action and promoting the idea that it is feasible makes it more likely. Hope becomes reality to some degree. But just because the Clyde people say he will return doesnt mean the AD people will take him. The writer I spoke to last weekend is connected to most ADs in America and said it would be a "large hurdle" for someone to hire him next season. Bottom line, we dont know. I wish Clyde the best and hope he finds happiness and peace sometime soon. And I am also glad it is not in Lexington.

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