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So You Want To Be a Texas A&M Yell Leader!

Chris Tomlin03/03/17


Article written by:On3 imageChris Tomlin



Thank you for your interest in becoming a “Yell Leader” for the upcoming 2017-18 Texas A&M athletics season. We have received and are currently processing your written application and audition video (submitted in one of the requested media formats). In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to instill in you the importance and reverence which comes with being one of the university’s recognized “Yell Leaders.” It is hoped that you will take this position as seriously as those who have come before you and take pride in your work.


The Aggie Yell Leader tradition dates back to 1907 and has becoma a crucial part of Aggie sports over the last hundred years. IT IS NOT A SILLY POSITION. If you believe this to be a position to be one where you make “jokes,” “gags” or “goof ’em ups” then you have vastly misjudged the charge of the Yell Leader. THIS IS ALL COMPLETELY SERIOUS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH.

Texas Governor Perry answers question about indictment in Texas on two felony counts of abuse of power during appearance at business leaders luncheon in Portsmouth

Former Yell Leader.

Taking on the responsibility of being a Texas A&M Yell Leader requires more of you than just donning some white coveralls (though, if you are selected to serve as a Yell Leader you will be required to wear such during games and will receive your designated coveralls — one to two times sizes smaller than the size you have designated on your application — within four to six weeks before football season begins). You will also need to commit to memory and be able to accurately perform, on command, such classic yell leader moves as:

-Clasped-hand air-fist shake
-Open palmed, bent wrist backward windmill
-Knee-down finger gun point (to the left side)
-Knee-down finger gun point (to the right side)
-Double thumblock (waist, one footed)
-Up-and-down clasped fist pump (waist to above head)
-Vaudeville-act-finishing hand sparkles
-Tiptoe air punch

It is also important, as a Yell Leader, that you work out enough to look like you could beat someone’s ass at any time. This is how it’s been since 1907 and it is a tenet we take very seriously.



Fig. 3: Knee-down finger gun point (right side)

-Bellows, whoops, hoots and shouts are not yells. Such non-yells will incur a written warning, and dismissal upon second offense.
-Never take advantage of your Yell Leader status to encourage crowds at birthday parties, children’s swim meets or concerts (a full list of yell-restricted gatherings will be provided)
-A&M Yell Leaders are disqualified from any pedestrian yelling competitions or events
-A.B.Y.: Always Be Yelling

Not a designated Yell Leader.

Not a designated Yell Leader.

Your initiation period, should you be selected as a Texas A&M Yell Leader, will consist of two weeks of yelling practices and fourteen weekly hours of hand motion work with a gesticulation professional. As a designated Yell Leader, you will be required to yell whenever the situation calls for such; however, normal speaking voices may still be used for intimate gatherings. You will also be required to cut your hair really short, despite not being a recognized member of the United States military. Being a Yell Leader is hard, but it will all pay off with all the action you’re going to get from the ladies. Trust us on this.

We will be in touch soon with your approval status based on the information you have provided to the Texas A&M Yell Leader Offices. We wish you the best of luck during this process and can’t wait to hear more of your yelling in the near future for our Aggies!

Best Wishes,
Gary Houck
“Yell Chief”

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