Some Notes on the Weekend (Including Sign contest)

Some Notes on the Weekend (Including Sign contest)

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
seiber.jpeg For those of you who havent heard, I have been out of commission for the past two days due to a medical incident and likely will be unable to return to full duties for a few more days. But because I got to experience a full Saturday and Sunday, I have to at least comment on the best weekend Lexington has seen in some time. (1) The win on Saturday vs LSU was not just a great statement win for the program or the culmination of five years worth of Rich Brooks' coaching and perseverence. It was also a rare chance for Kentucky fans to simply celebrate their football success. The Cats beat the number 1 team in America....and they didnt just do it because LSU played fact the Tigers played relatively well.....rather they out-muscled them and out skilled LSU at a couple of important positions. Much of the celebration in Lexington wasnt just because Kentucky won....but they could be proud in how it was done. That doesnt get much better.;.... (2) Midnight Madness was disappointing.....that there can be no doubt. The skits were lamer than usual, the new announcer leaves much to be desired and even the dunk contest was a dud. In addition, the weekend gave the news that Greg Monroe committed to Georgetown and Terrence Jennings to Louisville. Having said that however, the scrimmage was entertaining. Good stuff was shown by Jodie Meeks, Alex Legion and even the Coury Flurry and Big Black Member. The team was exciting to watch and gave some hint that it could be different stylistically than in years past. Add to that the fact that there are more random short white guys at the end of the bench than at Duke and UNC combined, and all of a sudden you have a different show in Lexington. (3) I cannot believe that Lexington is hosting College Gameday. It is almost unfathomable to me. The best pregame sports show in all of the land is coming to my favorite city in all of the land (not named Middlesboro). I cannot wait to be there, health cooperating and participate in a day I never thought would happen. To get ready for the event, it is time once again for the: KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO SIGN CONTEST Put your best sign titles below and we will have a sign company do them professionally and ensure their appearance on television.....come on folks you can do Gameday gave us "Doug Gottlieb Stole My Wallet" and "Tubby has a Big Pole" with a picture of Woo....not to mention a Florida/Crocodile Hunter bit. Lets top it here....3 best get made and on television. And I hope to have more writing soon.....and oh yeah....I am hearing MUCH BETTER stuff on Chris Singleton FWIW

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