Some Saturday Night Tidbits

Matt Jonesalmost 13 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
chante A couple of late night notes.... --- How bout this quote from Gillispie after the game: "I think we're going to get ready to steamroll." There is some confidence.... --- Billy Gillispie left tonight's game, flew to Bowling Green and watched Jon Hood play against Warren Central. Hood is going to be special folks, book it. --- As the world of DeAndre Liggins turns takes another move as Jerry Tipton and Larry Vaught are reporting that Liggins arrived to the game today around 3 pm, after most of his teammates had already been through early game prep and had taken the floor to begin shooting. Not a stellar performance today from our man, and he keeps folks on their toes. --- Our man Wesley Woodyard was mentioned on the NFL network today as one of the "Three most surprising rookies" of the season. Not if you are a Cats fan. --- With the victories by Temple and UMASS today, the Atlantic 10 now has 2 victories over Top 25 teams. That is one more than the SEC and Pac 10 COMBINED at this point in the season. --- The SEC is awful at this point in the year. Tennessee lost by 16 to Temple, Florida has struggled, we know about UK and the rest of the conference is horrendous. The latest example is Ole Miss's 32 point loss today to New Mexico. Hell Mercer owns 2 wins over SEC foes this year. This is the worst I can remember the conference ever being. --- Evansville blew Western out tonight. And for 30 minutes, Louisville was in a dog fight with Austin Peay. Rick just cannot make the Cards a dominant force early in the season for some strange reason. --- Big props to Greg Anthony. Like with Bobby Knight's game call debuts, Anthony is good about talking about what is HAPPENING in the game, not just random blabber about outside forces. He will be fun to follow this year. --- Hey Auburn football....REALLY? You mean to tell me that you ran off Tommy Tuberville and the best you could come up with was a guy who has been 5-19 at Iowa State? Really? Now I know he was your defensive coordinator, but he hasnt done anything of note in Ames, Iowa....and now he comes to AUBURN? Really? You could have had Turner Gill, only an individual who has taken the worst Division I program (Buffalo), turned them into a conference champion and is also a top-notch recruiter and individual. And you chose that guy? Really? You are AUBURN, you do know that right? Mississippi State fans are mocking your do know that, right? And oh yeah, BELL COUNTY RISES AGAIN as the Bobcats win the 4A state title. My home county and its amazing abilty to produce kickers (just offer Monte Merrick already) continues to get it done in football. If you are following at home then, my home county in Southeastern Kentucky, with under 25,000 total people now has 3 state championships in the last 15 years, by 2 different schools (Bell and Middlesboro). Only Boyle County (a much more prosperous area with more money to put into the programs) can say something similar. Give em hell Bobcats!

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