Steven Duff Claims his 15 Minutes of Fame

Nick Roushabout 9 years


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  SEC Football has a tendency to produce amazing plays that make it onSportscenter'sTop 10 list of plays. Kentucky Football got on before the season ever started, all thinks to "Big Sexy" Steven Duff. The 6'0 330 lb. non-scholarship Offensive Lineman is surprisingly mobile once he gets by the pool, and agile enough to be the #10 play yesterday. The team all came to realize Duff's new claim to fame while eating breakfast yesterday. "Nobody knew about we just kind of looked up there, and we saw Kentucky Football. We were all surprised. The place erupted, it was pretty cool." Joker saw it pop up on the TV in his office while flipping through channels, and got quite the laugh, "Good thing I wasn't eating." The appearance also gave Duff some pub that rarely gets thrown his way. Teammates were joking after he talked to the media about his "press conference" and he acquired dozens of new Twitter followers for something that Duff does every year when they head to the pool. His favorite move- the gainer- made need a little touch up but he knows that he's always got the big splash factor, "If they have a cannonball contest at the Olympics, I'll go."    [email protected] ------------ If you're interested in donating to the West Liberty Recovery efforts, please visit, call 606-743-1080 or go straight to their PayPal donation page. Thanks.

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