Stop tweeting about Isaac Humphries' underwear, guys

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonalmost 5 years


screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-5-00-47-pm By now, Isaac Humphries is well accustomed to the circus that is Kentucky basketball, but what was the first moment in which he knew it was truly a circus? Last year's Sacramento Kings/New Orleans Pelicans exhibition game at Rupp Arena, when a fan tweeted out the color of his underwear. "I remember getting back to my room and someone had tweeted the color of my underwear, so that's when I kind of realized, okay, our fans are full on. The media is full on. May as well get used to it now, so that's probably when it hit me that this is crazy and let's not worry about it." In the game of awesome or weird, that definitely registered as weird. "It was definitely weird, let's not even try and pretend that was awesome," Isaac said. "It was very strange." I hope one of you is a little ashamed of yourself right now.  

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