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wiggins-randle-gordon The fine people over at The Lexington Herald-Leader recently polled a group of sportswriters who claim to be knowledgable on the recruiting scene to see where they believe Kentucky's three remaining targets -- Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, and Aaron Gordon -- will end up when it's all said and done.  Though some of these so-called experts know less than you, and it shows, they were all kind enough to blindly throw darts at each player's list of potential suitors in this interesting feature by the Next Cats blog. Below are the predictions from each of the five national analysts, as well as The Herald-Leader's predictions.  You can read their reasoning behind the predictions here. Jerry Meyer, 247 Sports Wiggins: Florida State Randle: Kentucky Gordon: Arizona Brian Snow, Wiggins: Florida State Randle: Texas Gordon: Arizona Jason Hickman, Wiggins: Florida State Randle: Kansas Gordon: Washington Jeff Borzello, Wiggins: Florida State Randle: Kansas Gordon: Arizona Adam Zagoria, ZagsBlog Wiggins: Florida State Randle: Kansas Gordon: Washington Ben Roberts, Herald-Leader Wiggins: Kentucky Randle: Kentucky Gordon: Arizona   As you can see, four of the five national guys believe Coach Cal will strike out on the Wiggins-Randle-Gordon trio.  I'm sorry, but even unbiased me doesn't see any way Cal misses on all three.  That ain't happenin'. Here's how I believe it will play out...   Drew Franklin, Taco Bell, Nicholasville Road Wiggins (Kenfloritucky State): A week ago, I had already given up all hope of watching Andrew Wiggins in Rupp Arena.  Gone were the dreams of being in the background of his UK mixtapes on YouTube.  The folks I've talked to believed Kentucky was ready to throw in the towel because there was no way in hell his parents would let him go anywhere other than Tallahassee.  But, if you believe the internet rumors, Wiggins now has his parents' blessing to sign with Kentucky.  That, I'm not 100% sure of, but Calipari did open their eyes to the potential of Andrew playing at UK.  Getting Wiggins' parents on campus for a face-to-face conversation was Calipari's only hope of keeping him away from Florida State and he was able to do that last week, and it went well.  Now, I believe it has shifted to a level playing field between Kentucky and Florida State.  North Carolina and Kansas, thanks for playing.  This one is a coin flip between FSU and UK. Randle (Kentucky): If you had a gun to my head and forced me to guess where Julius Randle is going to college, I would disarm you with a move I learned from watching the Bourne movies and then tell you I'd be shocked if he goes anywhere other than Kentucky.  The staff is confident they'll get a commitment from Randle and have been for some time.  He wants to win a title; he named Andrew Harrison as the player he'd like to play with most in college; he was wowed by his official visit to Kentucky last fall; he loved Coach Cal's honest pitch during the in-home visits; and he knows Lexington is where the best talent in America goes to get better. It'll take a pretty big upset from one of the other schools to pull him away from UK, and even then I think Kansas is the only one with a prayer. Gordon (Arizona): I won't pretend to know what's going on with Gordon out on the West Coast.  I'm guessing he ends up at Arizona because it's the only non-UK school on his list with any potential to win big, and there is no way he heads east to Kentucky if the Cats get Julius Randle.  But if Randle somehow signs with Kansas, Texas, NC State or Florida, then I believe Kentucky is right at the top of Gordon's list and Calipari will make a strong push to get him here.

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