Tennessee possibly turning to Lane Kiffin

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As the Vols prep for Phil Fulmer's last stand this weekend against Kentucky, Knoxville is all aflutter with the news that former Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin - whose college coaching experience peaked with only two years as an offensive coordinator at USC - is the leader to be their next head man. While he hasn't been officially offered the job, reports indicate that a contract has at least been discussed and it seems as if he might be next in line. My first thought on this is that, if this is true, I'd hope that Tennessee would hold off on any sort of announcement until at least next week. Fulmer has whipped our tails from day one and I'm not a big fan of his, but a guy that has won a national championship and served the school for 28 years deserves to at least have this weekend to ride out into the sunset and enjoy his "appreciation day" without having to play second fiddle in the headlines. Any progress in the Kiffin situation would rob him of that. UPDATE: This is Matt from the place where the internet goes to die, Middlesboro. The scariest thing about Lane Kiffin is that the rumor is that he brings Ed Orgeron with him to recruit. Orgeron is arguably the best recruiter in America as seen by the success Ole Miss is having right now with the guys he brought in. I am reading "Meat Market", a great book by Bruce Feldman, that chronicles Orgeron recruiting for a year. It is a GREAT book and it shows just how good he can be, especially at a place like Tennessee. This would be a GREAT hire in my book. But, maybe I'm just getting sentimental about Fulmer leaving. For as much as he's beaten us down, he's provided us just as many strange YouTube videos making fun of him. If you have some down time today, jump on over and search "Phil Fulmer". You'll probably be clicking from parody to parody for hours. Here are two of the strangest:

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